Submit an Exhibition

Calderdale Museums have a range of gallery spaces available for temporary exhibitions. Please see our Exhibitions Listings for examples of our current exhibition programme and we advise you to visit our sites to select a suitable venue.

Calderdale Museums Service hosts several exhibitions each year, three to four of which are large exhibitions at Bankfield which our main marketing focuses on. We try to vary the content across different themes and periods as well as across art, sculpture, photography, film, textiles and historical and modern objects. See our current exhibitions page for examples and CLICK HERE for examples of previous exhibitions.

The aims of our exhibition programme are to attract more visitors and reach new ones, promote local history, stories, collections and artists, and if possible, generate income through shop sales and event tickets. We are always keen to work with new groups and artists and to forge new partnerships with other museums and organisations.

We assess all exhibition proposals at our quarterly Programming Meetings and are usually planning one year in advance. Please see our current criteria below for consideration in your proposal, which is also on the Exhibition Proposal Form.

Exhibition Proposal Form PDF

Ideally, please print and submit your proposal form with images of examples of the work or previous exhibitions and any other related information by post to Exhibitions Officer, Bankfield Museum, Boothtown Road, Halifax, HX3 6HG. Please enclose an SAE if you would like your documents to be returned. 

For a Word version of the Proposal Form or any questions please email

Individual artists are always welcome to submit work to our annual Calderdale Open Art Exhibition.

We currently select exhibitions against the following criteria so please consider these in your application:

1.    Attracting audiences

  • Will the exhibition appeal to our current audiences and possibly attract new ones?
  • Is there are unique selling point of your exhibition which would help us to market it, and again, possibly attract new visitors?

2.    Generating income

  • Will your exhibition help us to generate income? The exhibitions we host are never charged for, but we do need to raise funds to continue our museum work. This can be through sales of works (we charge 33% commission on all sales), linked books, prints, and merchandise etc..
  • Can you offer any ticketed workshops and talks?

3.    Local and Regional links

  • Ideally, the exhibition needs a reason to be hosted in Calderdale- are there strong local links- either the exhibition’s creators or the subject matter, particularly exhibitions that link to the museum’s or gallery’s collections that we can display alongside your work?
  • We are particularly interested in projects that engage different areas of the community or promote collaborations and cross promotion between other organisations, museums and galleries in the region.

4.     New ideas

  • We want to be able to host exhibitions from new artists and groups who many not have exhibited here before to attract new audiences and vary our exhibitions.
  • We are also interested in open to new interactive or digital installations and ideas.