To Walk Invisible

The BBC drama To Walk Invisible, written and directed by Sally Wainwright, used several locations at Shibden Hall. Red Productions filmed on site for three days in June 2016.

The drama tells the story of the three Brontë sisters from Haworth and their battle for recognition for their work and was aired on BBC One on the 29th December 2016.

Some of the costumes can be seen on display at Shibden during 2018. Find out more.


Shibden Hall was used as the location to represent the Devonshire Arms, where the coach would arrive into town. It was shown in a few different scenes. Firstly as Branwell heads into Halifax to visit his friend the stone mason, then as Anne and Charlotte head down to meet their publishers in London and also when Ellen Nussey arrives to visit the sisters. The surface of the courtyard was recovered and the modern railings and any modern features were covered over or hidden.

Blacksmith’s Forge

The forge was transformed into a stone mason’s workshop and was used in a short scene where a messenger boy ran in to summons a friend of Branwell’s to come and help.

The Study and Kitchen

The shot then followed the friend as he entered the pub to find Branwell and showed Shibden’s kitchen, passageway and the study, which had been emptied and set as a pub parlour. He finds Branwell distraught at the news he is no longer allowed to see the woman he loves.

The Buttery

This formed the location of another pub and saw Branwell seated at the fire place reading his poem before condemning his words to the fire.

Crispin Inn

The Crispin Inn at Shibden received a coat of paint but was largely unchanged and used for a scene with Branwell Brontë and Joe Leyland. The scene opens with them leaning on the bar as a horse and rider pass by the door.