A Hat or a Husband?

Vendredi Millinery Group's new exhibition showcaseS newly made and historic hats to celebrate the Patron Saint of Milliners, Saint Catherine.

Traditionally, extraordinary and extravagant 'Catherinette hats' were made and worn by single women in annual parades on Saint Catherine's Day. The newly made hats are inspired by hats, bags, shoes and jewellery in Calderdale Museums' Collections, which will also be displayed. Explore the history of Millinery, local hat makers, hat making skills and tools and hear about Saint Catherine and the 'Catherinettes' traditions.

Join us for a day of celebration on Saint Catherine's Day, Saturday 25th November for free talks, demonstrations and activities suitable for all ages and those new to and experienced with hats. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Catherinettes image








'Catherinettes' in France


Saint Catherine














The Marriage of Saint Catherine in 1550, in Calderdale Museums Collection.