For King and Country 2014 - 2018

Bankfield Museum’s exhibition commemorating the region's wartime contribution was open from the 4th August 2014 until the 22nd December 2018.


King and country exhibition

'For King and Country' was winner of the Public History Prize by the Royal Historical Society. 

The exhibition featured over 200 objects, 200 images and archives and 60 local stories to explore local experiences during the First World War. From soldiers, sailors and nurses to those at home working in munitions, hospitals and fundraising. 

Each year the exhibition also featured temporary exhibitions during the centenary years. In 2015 we hosted 'Hats off to our Heroes' by Vendredi Millinery Group. 2016 saw a loan of the touring exhibition 'Calm During the Storm' by the National Embroiderers' Guild. We also focussed on the anniversary of the Somme and the Halifax Great War Heritage Association also researched and created an exhibition on the impact of the Somme on the region. For 2017 the Royal Armouries in Leeds loaned a new touring exhibition on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's First World War inventions. In 2018 our focus is on remembrance and the legacies of the war and we had two open days on the 9 June and 24 November.

A souvenir programme to accompany the exhibition is still available to buy at Bankfield Museum or online through Amazon.

King and country badges