Anne Lister research resources

Anne Lister’s diaries, travel notes and letters are held by West Yorkshire Archives in Halifax Central Library. You can find them with the reference “SH”.

For more information, see West Yorkshire Archive Service Record

Books on Anne Lister in order of publication:

  1. Helena Whitbread, Ed. (1988). I Know My Own Heart: The Diaries of Anne Lister 1791- 1840. Virago, 1988, and New York University Press, 1990. (Covers diaries from 1817 to 1824).
  2. Helena Whitbread, Ed. (1992). No Priest But Love: The Journals of Anne Lister from 1824 - 1826, Smith Settle. Reprinted in 2020 as The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister Vol 2: No Priest But Love. Virago.
  3. Muriel Green (1992). Miss Lister of Shibden Hall: Selected Letters (1800 -1840), The Book Guild. (Out of print).
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  5. Jill Liddington (1998). Female Fortune: Land, Gender and Authority: the Anne Lister diaries and other writings, 1833-36. Rivers Oram Press. Reprinted 2010 and 2018.
  6. Jill Liddington (2003). Nature’s Domain: Anne Lister and the Landscape of Desire. Pennine Pens. (Covers diaries 1832 – 1833).
  7. Helena Whitbread (2010). The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister. (An updated version of 1988, I Know My Own Heart). Virago. Reprinted again in 2019 with new cover.
  8. Patricia Hughes (2015). The Early Life of Miss Anne Lister and the Curious Tale of Miss Eliza Raine. Hues Books Ltd. Reprinted 2019.
  9. Patricia Hughes (2017). Anne Lister’s Secret Diary for 1817. Hues Books Ltd.
  10. Angela Clare (2018). Anne Lister of Shibden Hall. Calderdale Museums. (Short overview of Anne Lister’s life, diaries and legacy at Shibden Hall)
  11. Angela Steidele (2018). Gentleman Jack, a Biography of Anne Lister. Serpent’s Tail.
  12. Anne Choma (2019). Gentleman Jack, BBC Books.
  13. Clara Barley (2019). The Moss House, Bluemoose Books. (A novel)
  14. Adeline Lim (2021). In the Footsteps of Anne Lister, Volume 1.
  15. Adeline Lim (2022). In the Footsteps of Anne Lister, Volume 2.

  16. Jill Liddington (2023). As Good as a Marriage: The Anne Lister Diaries 1836-38. Manchester University Press.

  17. Emma Donoghue (2023- forthcoming). Learned by Heart. Little, Brown and Company. (A novel).

  18. Caroline Gonda and Chris Roulston (editors) (2023- forthcoming) Decoding Anne Lister: From the Archive to Gentleman Jack. Cambridge University Press.

  • Emma Donoghue, I Know My Own Heart [a 1993 play loosely adapted from Helena Whitbread’s 1998 book of the same name, with permission], published in Seen and Heard: Six New Plays by Irish Women, ed. by Cathy Leeney (Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2001) and collected in Emma Donoghue: Selected Plays (London: Oberon Books, 2015).
  • Ross McGregor, ‘Gentleman Jack’ [adapted from the diaries] (Arrows and Traps theatre company in London at the Brockley Jack Studio, 2019)

Film and Television

  • BBC 2 A Skirt Through History - Anne Lister, broadcast on 6 May 1994.
  • BBC Documentary The Real Anne Lister, presented by Sue Perkins 2010.
  • BBC Drama The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister, written by Jane English starring Maxine Peake as Anne 2010.
  • Calderdale Museums Shibden Hall promotional film by Aberration Films. ‘Visit Shibden’, funded by Arts Council England. 2015.
  • Calderdale Museums filmed interview with Helena Whitbread by Limehouse TV. ‘The Anne Lister Story.’ A 25-minute documentary for showing in the Hall and a one-minute trailer for website, funded by Arts Council England. 2016.
  • Channel 4 production ‘Britain’s Great Gay Buildings’ presented by Stephen Fry. Featuring Shibden Hall with an interview of Helena Whitbread by Mary Portas. 2017.
  • Sky Arts production- interview with Sally Wainwright- filmed at Shibden Hall. 2018.
  • BBC Antiques Road Trip, series 18, episode 23. 2019.
  • BBC and HBO Gentleman Jack TV series by Sally Wainwright. Series 1. 2019 and Series 2, 2022.
  • Channel 5, Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out, 2022.
  • The Helena Whitbread Story, 2023. Calderdale Museums commissioned interview with biographer Helena Whitbread, filmed and edited by Limehouse TV.


  • BBC Radio 4s Gentleman Jack of Halifax, broadcast on 2 October 1993.
  • Mary Cooper, Such Sweet Possession for BBC Radio 4 (2002), also available from Audible as an audiobook.
  • BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour (6th November 2009). ‘The First Modern Lesbian’. Jenny Murray interviews Helena Whitbread and Jill Liddington.
  • BBC Radio 4 two-part series on a history of Homosexuality in Britain (2017). Interview with Helena Whitbread at Shibden Hall.

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