Shibden Hall - Virtual Tour

Join us on a journey through 600 years of history and discover the secrets of Shibden Hall from the comfort of your home. Our new virtual tour allows you to move freely around the main house, gardens and 17th century aisled barn.

You can explore the room where Anne Lister wrote her diaries, venture through the Victorian gardens and get up-close to one of the world’s oldest surviving carriages.

Our expert guides are on hand in every room to share the fascinating features of this historic house and the stories of the people who have lived here.

Meet the tour guides

As you wander around each location, you may notice colourful markers that highlight points of interest. These launch our interactive video tour guides that help you get the most out of your virtual visit. There are three themed tours for you to follow, or you can mix and match to create your own bespoke tour.

Richard and chris (blue), Angela (purple), Maid Elizabeth (red)

The Grand Tour Blue circle

Let Richard and Chris take you on a journey through 600 years of history. The secrets and stories of Shibden Hall are waiting to be discovered. Keep an eye out for the blue markers.

Anne Lister tour Purple circle

Join Angela as she guides you through the home of Shibden’s most celebrated resident Anne Lister or, as you might know her, Gentleman Jack. Keep an eye out for purple markers.

Family-friendly tour Red circle

Can you help Elizabeth with her work around the house? Follow maid Elizabeth on our family tour of Shibden and help her find hidden objects and features of the house. Keep an eye out for the red markers.

If you have difficulty with colour perception, a list of all tour videos can be found in a tour's "tags panel". These links also act as shortcuts allowing you to jump straight to the point of interest!

A floral display outside the entrance of Shibden Hall

Outside Shibden Hall

Before you step inside, why not take a moment to admire the exterior of this historic building?

Explore Shibden's exterior
Inside the housebody of shibden hall

Inside Shibden Hall

Take in 600 years of history, admire historic architecture, walk in the steps of Anne Lister.

Explore Shibden's interior
Inside the barn you will see many carts used by Anne Lister

The Aisled Barn

Housing several carriages, including one owned by Anne Lister, this building is now a popular wedding venue.

Explore the Aisled Barn