Amalfi by Albert Goodwin

A Grand Tour

This event takes place at Bankfield Museum

Artists, aristocrats and the affluent flocked to mainland Europe from England between 1660 and 1840. Young nobles, mostly men, left to begin a tour of the great towns and cities of France, Germany and Italy. The Grand Tour, as it was known, was thought to be the perfect way to complete a young person’s education.

The Grand Tour still influences many of our ideas about art, architecture and the landscape today. As our ability to travel freely is currently restricted, we are taking the time to reflect on this early and important form of tourism. 

You will explore the legacy of The Grand Tour through works of art in the Calderdale Museum Service collection, including three famous English painters: Samuel Prout, John Ruskin and Albert Goodwin. From one brush stroke to the next, you will journey across the continent, with three generations of artists and their contemporaries. Through layers of paint and colour, we will discover how travel shaped the work of artists in England and the lives of people back home.

This exhibition was curated by Calderdale Council Museum Service in partnership with students from the University of York.

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