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This event takes place at Bankfield Museum

Shibden Hall is 600 years old! The first reference to Shibden Hall was in 1420/21.

To celebrate, we’re sharing a new 600-year timeline of Shibden Hall which was created with the research group 'Packed with Potential'.

We’ve researched the past of Shibden Hall and will be sharing stories about the Hall's 600 years, with various families in occupation and nearly 100 years as a public museum.

In 2022 there will be exhibitions at Shibden Hall and Bankfield Museum to celebrate the Hall's history, all the people that have lived and worked there over the centuries and what Shibden means to people today.

For Shibden's 600 year anniversary, we want to record your memories of Shibden Hall.

We'd love to hear from you about your visit to Shibden, memories of the Hall and what the Hall and its stories mean to you. If you'd be happy to share your thoughts with us for use online and in future exhibitions, and to be kept in our archive of Shibden's 600th year, please e-mail no more than 500 words to

We'd also love to see your favourite photograph of Shibden to be saved in our archives and possibly used online and future displays. Please email your image to us at with your name, date the image was taken and names of anyone in the picture.

We're interested to include any Shibden Hall inspired artworks and creative endeavours too - please email us a photo of them and who to credit if you're happy for us to save and share.

All submissions will be saved digitally as part of a Shibden 600 archive and some may be used in future exhibitions and on our website and social media. We will let you know if we use yours and all will be credited.

Sign up to our e-news and follow us on social media @ShibdenHall to keep updated on our Shibden 600 creative projects and call outs for memories and images in 2021.

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Exhibition at Bankfield Museum - free entry.