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Women Travellers

Focusing on the lives of four extraordinary women; Anne Lister, Edith Durham, Liz Humphries and Gertrude Bell. This exhibition will tell the story of the journeys they took, the objects they collected and the many people they met along the way.
24th November 2018 - 25th May 2019

Once Upon a Time

A new exhibition of children’s books and favourite characters for little children and grown-up children.
2nd February 2019 - 2nd November 2019

'God's Own Country': Art and Artists inspired by West Yorkshire

An exhibition of works from Calderdale Museums' collections, celebrating West Yorkshire’s artistic talents and the region’s inspiring landscapes, history, people and architecture. This exhibition is in partnership with the four other West Yorkshire Local Authority Museum Services (Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees and Wakefield) as part of a celebration of our collections relating to the theme 'We are West Yorkshire: A Celebration of People and Place'.   Join us for a free drop-in family activity on the 1st August 11am to 3pm to create your own Yorkshire landscape.  Image shown is 'Mytholmroyd and Cragg valley from Ewood Hall' by John Holland, 1869.
6th April 2019 - 12th October 2019

The Fashion Gallery

Showcasing Calderdale Museums’ fashion and textile collections from ancient Egypt to modern day. Calderdale Museums has one of the best but little known textile collections in the country.
10th May 2019 - 24th December 2019

Bankfield Buddies

For our under fives. Come along to Akroyd Library in Bankfield Museum and join in our craft activities for under-fives.
Friday 7th June 2019 (6 more dates available)

Fashion Gallery opening day

Join us for the opening day of our brand new Fashion Gallery at Bankfield Museum. Open from 10am to 4pm, be the first to see to new top floor gallery exhibition.
Sunday 26th May 2019

Museums at Night! Bankfield Chronicles Victorian Murder Mystery

Join us for a murder mystery evening at Bankfield Museum. Follow the two Victorian characters to solve the mystery at the mansion.
Sunday 26th May 2019

Sparks! Half Term Fun. Designing a T shirt.

Come and look at fashion through the ages and design your own t-shirt.
Tuesday 28th May 2019

Sparks! Half Term Fun. Space Mobile.

Join our scientist to find out about space and create your own space mobile.
Wednesday 29th May 2019

Sparks! Half Term Fun. Codes and diaries.

Join us on a trail of codes around the hall and then make your own diary to enter your coded text in. Please book your place on 01422 352246.
Thursday 30th May 2019

DON’T PANIC! Calderdale at War, 1939-1945

September 2019 is the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. Calderdale was directly affected: men and women were conscripted for military and industrial service; industry was placed on a war footing and many workers took on Civil Defence and Home Guard duties.
8th June 2019 - 30th November 2019

The Great Get Together

Join us for a day full of fun.  There will be arts and craft activities, circus skills, Indian dancing with Annapurna and storytelling with Eden Ballantyne. Best of all, completely free.
Saturday 22nd June 2019

A Regency Summer Ball at Bankfield

A Regency Summer Ball at Bankfield Museum, 7pm - 11pm. No dancing experience required, all dances will be called.
Saturday 27th July 2019

Heritage Open Days- Bankfield

As part of Heritage Open Days 2019, Bankfield Museum are offering free guided tours of the house on Friday 20 September. This tour will start on the ground floor, but will involve going upstairs to the first and second floors.
Friday 20th September 2019

Heritage Open Days - Shibden

Shibden Hall will be free entry for Heritage Open Days 2019 on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September.  
Saturday 21st September 2019 (1 more date available)

Calderdale Open Art Exhibition 2019

2019's Calderdale Open Art Exhibition will showcase work by professional and amateur artists in our North Gallery at Bankfield Museum. We will be open for entries in October 2019- sign up to our enews on this website to be kept up to date and follow us on social media @BankfieldMuseum.
9th November 2019 - 21st December 2019

Shibden's Winter Craft Fair

Shibden Hall's annual winter craft fair returns for 2019. The Hall will re-open especially for the weekend and host a selection of local crafts and produce on sale in time for Christmas shopping.
Saturday 16th November 2019 (1 more date available)

Bankfield Christmas Craft Fair

A selection of local crafts and produce on sale in just time for Christmas at Bankfield Museum. The perfect place for present buying or to treat yourself.
Saturday 7th December 2019